JHV3 Ghost Drive



The Ghost Drive is a hand crafted versatile low gain overdrive and clean boost designed specifically to enhance an already outstanding guitar and amp combination. Boost and Drive circuits, with reversible order, work independently or complimentary. The drive side features: selectable clipping for early or late breakup in tight/focused or loose/amp-like forms; a unique tone circuit which warms without dulling attack, invigorates highs without becoming harsh, and avoids overly accentuated mids associated with classic overdrives; the ability to re-introduce pure/clean input with the overdrive signal which subtly replaces any fullness or chime lost during clipping. The boost provides over 25db of pristine clean headroom and when set at unity can serve to buffer your signal through the effects that follow in your signal chain. The Ghost Drive excels as a exceptional tone protecting overdrive and boost, especially with low-watt tube amplifiers up to 30 watts.”

  • Rich low/med gain overdrive paired with an independent clean boost
  • Over 25db of pristine clean signal boost
  • Selectable clipping character which influences "feel", intensity of breakup, and available volume: 4 grit and 1 clean w/ multiple combinations
  • True bypass switching via very high quality relays
  • Effect order switch with current order indicated by the color of the "pure" adjustment. The color of the knob indicates which effect is last in line. (blue=drive after boost, white=boost after drive)
  • Overdrive section utilizes the “pure” knob to reintroduce pre-clipping signal back into the chain before it leaves the overdrive.
  • It's not for everyone: works best with low-medium output pickups, and tube amps up to 30 watts
  • Custom options: increased gain, selectable tone adjustments, clipping methods/combinations, finishes

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