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If your looking for one drive pedal that will do everything and do it well, this it it!

It covers all the bases from clean boost, light breakup, blues, rock, heavy grind and more. It started as a Custom Shop build for Roger Fortner of www.fortnerguitars.com and has become one of our best selling units because of its small size and HUGE punch.

The right side is our take on the vintage TS808 circuit. It has a smoother, more usable tone control and all the character you would expect from this classic legendary design. High quality components yield excellent bass response and lower noise than any unit on the market. Even the current reissues can’t hang with this one!

On the left side is our very own “Angry Charlie”. High gain JCM 800 type “Brown” sound tone that we believe is the most accurate Marshall tone ever put in a stomp box! It has volume, drive, tone and presence controls. The presence control allows this monster to bring any amp into submission and make tone that will have ears wanting more.

With these tones combined or used separately, the Sweet Tea is more tone than you can shake a stick at!


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