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Our Bass Super Wah mod loads the Crybaby or VOX wah down with the options that will make it the most useful and musical wah you have ever owned. The Crybaby wah in stock form have the worst bypass issue of any pedal on the market with a high amount of high-end loss. We make them true bypass so you get the same tone going out that’s coming in when its in bypass. While we’re in there we add an LED indicator so you know if it’s on or not as well as a few other improvements.

Our first upgrade is the famed Fasel inductor for true vintage flavor. We add an external volume knob and voice knob. The volume knob can give you a decent amount of boost for those times when you want the wah hotter than your bypassed volume. The voice knob lets you dial in the right vowel range from “woa to wah” and our optional growl switch transforms the sweep into a throaty low end rasp that you can really make talk!

The Bass Super Wah has in it the ability to take you bass to places no other wah has gone before.

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