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JHS Pedals owes a lot to a couple of states where Josh lived his life prior to moving to Kansas City in 2009. These two southern states are where the company started as a hobby. The ideas and designs for many of your most loved pedals where dreamed up in here and eventually launched us to what we have become today. In honor of this (and just because it's a fun thing to do), we bring you the State Line 2-in-1 Overdrive. The first 100 sold-out in less than 24hours and due to the amazing response we are keeping these for sale all the way through Cyber Monday and will produce however many are sold.  Each unit will be numbered and will come with an official "Limited Run" certificate of authentication signed by Josh. After "Cyber Monday" November 26th 2012, it's off the market!

With the same footprint, function, and order toggle as the Double Barrel, Sweet Tea, and Bunrunner, the State Line offers up two circuits that are sure to have you singing Dixie at first strum. The left side is our Charlie Brown Channel Drive... a JTM45 in a box. The right side is our Morning Glory. The Charlie Brown is identical to our standard version but the Morning Glory has some special tweaks that will only be found in this limited run State Line pedal. The Morning Glory has way more dirt on tap and can reach much heavier palettes of drive while retaining the original voicing of the standard Morning Glory. With the gain cranked, you can dig into chords with clarity and an amazing full, rich saturation only found here! The bright cut in the down position sounds like our standard MG's toggle in the up position and gives you a less chime'y foundation from the start. When the switch is flipped up you get a nice smooth, warm and full tone section that loves to be used at high gain, resulting in a perfectly balanced high gain overdrive tone.

Remember, we will never produce this modified Morning Glory as a single unit or offer it in any other way than this limited edition State Line so act fast!

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