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One knob and a foot-switch may be the greatest thing you ever put in your line up. The Mr. Magic is a high impedance booster, buffer and enhancer all in one. The heart of the pedal is the super high impedance that will buffer your signal and cause pristine tone from your guitar when it is on. When ran at the front or back of your pedal chain you will notice a drastic enhancement in your tone. Highs will be rounded, sparkly and perfect for any situation while the low end becomes full and dynamic without any mud. The amazing thing is that while its doing this you still have the transparency to keep you rig true to its original tone, only better.

When used as a boost, you have around 45db of earth shaking power at your feet that can send a tube amp into beautiful raging fit. The Mr. Magic also likes to be used to give your Strat the bang that you want without compromising those vintage pickups or prized lower powered humbuckers some grind and attitude.

The Mr. Magic has one goal in mind and that is to give you the tone that you never knew was missing as well as offering up the most powerful boost in our line.

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