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JHS has teamed up with boutique legends Keeley Electronics to bring you a first ever 2 in 1 collaboration of two essential circuits with a few delicious surprises.

The Steak & Eggs is a perfect pairing of overdrive and compression that you may never turn off.

The left side of the Steak & Eggs is JHS Pedals’ classic Morning Glory circuit with an available high-gain setting. For years we have been asked for a high gain version of the Morning Glory. We even released a limited run of 135 pedals called the State Line a few years back with a similar function, but this high gain toggle is a new take on perfecting a Morning Glory with more power, punch, and dirt at the fick of a switch. Internally the bright cut everyone is used to is still there. Have a glorious morning.

The right side is a new 3 knob version of Keeley Electronics’ classic compressor. The Steak and Eggs Compressor features a blend control which allows players to blend back in their original signal for very punchy tones. It's great for humbucker guitars where over-compression can result in a dull tone; this design helps retain brightness. An all new mid and treble emphasis circuit has been incorporated in this design. Pushing the toggle switch up allows players to fine tune the highs in their signal by pushing the perfect frequency range for that "jangly" tone! The Steak and Eggs compressor also features a fast release time allowing players to experience all the warmth and sustain of the earlier Keeley designs yet retain clarity in note definition. If the player would like a more spongy, tube-like compression, there is an internal DIP switch that gives you the classic Keeley sound, perfect for chicken- pickin’! The Sustain Control is where all the magic happens. As with all of the vintage Keeley OTA designed compressors, the Sustain control will make a swoosh sound as rotated. It's a bias control and a crackle sound is expected, it will not affect performance when playing.

In the center you will find a toggle to select the order of the effects. When the toggle is to the right, the compressor is first. When the toggle is to the left, the Morning Glory is first. This gives you total control over the way the compression and overdrive affect one another.

With these modified classic overdrive and compression circuits in one box, the Steak and Eggs is the perfect staple for your pantry. Marinate your ears and incubate your tone with the Steak and Eggs.


JHS Morning Glory w/High Gain Toggle

  • Volume - Controls the output volume.
  • Drive - Controls the amount of drive, or gain, just like a tube amp being cranked at high volumes. You will notice that as you turn up the drive it also adds brightness.
  • Tone - Controls the amount of brightness. Right is brighter, left is darker.
  • High Gain Toggle - Down is the standard Morning Glory, up kicks it into the high gain mode!


Keeley Electronics 3 Knob Compressor

  • Level - Controls the output level.
  • Sustain - Controls the sustain of the compression. Turning to the right results in a more compressed tone.
  • Blend - Blends in your original signal as you turn to the right.
  • Bright Toggle - Down is the stock position. When pushed up it will add brightness to your signal.

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