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When Josh began working with Switchfoot’s Drew Shirley for his “Hello Hurricane” touring rig, the number one need was to have a single pedal that could do a lot of fuzz! The end result was the “Bunrunner 2 in 1”. On the left side you will find the JHS Astro Mess Fuzz and on the right side a heavily modified three knob tonebender that is oozing with germanium fuzz warmth, character and fullness.

The Astro side gives you all the modern, gated and heavy fuzz you could ever use as well as 8 bit tones galore when needed. The Tonebender side can do everything from Zeppelin riffs to lush natural overdrive with ease. When you add these two together you may find yourself playing things that you didn’t know your hands could play!

The controls for the Tonebender side are Volume, Tone, Fuzz and Bias while the “Astro Mess” side is identical to the single unit here.

Good examples of this pedals tones are Switchfoot’s “Mess Of Me”, “The Sound” and most anything on the “Hello Hurricane album”.

Fuzz that is useful and Fuzz that will help you create. This will become your go to box to step outside the same old distortion sounds that everyone else uses.

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