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After gobs and gobs of requests to make a single unit version of the JHS-808 found in our Double Barrel and Sweet Tea we caved in!

The most famous pedal in the world, no really.... The TS808 Tubescreamer Overdrive created by Ibanez/Maxon has seen many revisions throughout the years but we believe that the original 808 version stands the test of time. The Tubescreamer has literally been cloned, copied, modified and tweaked beyond belief for one reason...it rocks!

This is the EXACT same 808 in our Sweet Tea and Double Barrel that we have been making for several years! Check out those demo's for some examples of this pedal in action.  The only difference between the JHS 808 single pedal and the Sweet Tea/Double Barrel is that the JHS 808 single pedal can run at 18v.

This is our replica of the original version based on the original 808 with the only difference primarily being our custom 3 way gain toggle that let's you choose from stock (down), boost (middle) and crunch (up).  Made with high grade components, true bypass switching, high quality construction and the sacred JRC4558 chipset covered in the dust of unicorn hooves. We are convinced that this screamer replica does what it should better than anything on the market.


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