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Over the last 30 days or so there has been a lot of chatter on threads and forums about a better volume pedal. We have even seen photoshop'd mock-ups and examples of what you guys want, and we agree with your ideas.  Not so surprisingly we started dreaming big about what a JHS volume pedal would look like saw this need in early 2012. Since then, we have been hard at work trying to make the most versatile and creative volume control on the market. It has taken longer than expected but I believe in doing things right and I believe that the feature set we are about to offer is well worth the wait. As you may know, it’s a bit against our nature to share what we are working on until it’s complete and ready to ship, but this unique situation forces our hand. I feel that anticipation is better than speculation in the market and I am excited to let the cat out of the bag for once. So, without further ado... JHS Pedals presents the “See- Saw” with anticipated debut at Winter NAMM, January 2016.

The Story:

In the early 1970’s the first volume pedal was created, and over the following decades many people have adapted it’s design and function. I started modifying the ever popular Ernie Ball Jr. in early 2009 due to certain improvements that I saw possible. Since then, the JHS “Active/No Loss” modification has been a staple in the JHS Mod Shop and can be seen on thousands of pedal boards all over the world. In early 2012 I had another idea, one that proved really difficult, an idea that is finally on the edge of release to you, the public. The JHS Pedals “See-Saw” is an end-all stereo/mono volume pedal, preamp, direct box, tuner and effects host in a pedal board friendly package. The “See-Saw” has a lifetime warranty on all parts and we feel strongly that you won’t have problems anytime soon.

The Brain:

The circuit that drives the “See-Saw” is an all analog studio-grade active circuit much like you see under the hood of a studio desk fader. The gain of the circuit is controlled optically so you have no breakable string or potentiometer to accumulate dirt or wear that produces static, volume drops, and/or no signal. Another feature of the design is the fact that you, the user, can select between three different tapers for the exact feel of travel from zero to full volume that you want.  There is zero volume loss due to the high quality buffered signal that the “See-Saw” produces from its output to your amp.

The Modular Format:

Unlike all the volume pedals of the past, the “See- Saw” allows you to have different configurations via modular inserts that alter the circuitry to achieve the application you need at any given time, any given gig.  You the player can even swap out the modules on the fly DIY style!!! The stock module that comes standard is the 1/4” MONO module. This is for standard mono guitar rigs that only need one 1/4” input and one 1/4” output. The second and optional module is a 1/4” STEREO interface. This allows the user to have a true stereo 1/4” in and out for stereo effects rigs that require two channels in and out. This interface is also perfect for keys players who run a stereo signal. The third and optional module is a studio grade direct box/preamp XLR interface. This adapts the circuitry of the “See-Saw” into an instant acoustic instrument DI, tuner and volume utility that is perfect for acoustic guitar, upright bass, banjo, mandolin, violin, etc. Another exciting feature of this format is a full line of modular effects inserts like delay, reverb, modulation and more. These are in motion but will be available at a later date, not too far away. I just wanted you to know because this is an exciting element to the future of the “See-Saw.”

The Size:

The footprint of the “See-Saw” was a crucial decision and we feel confident that you are going to love the feel, sweep, weight and action. It is a pedal board friendly 8” long x 3” wide. No more wasted space and no awkward miniature footprint that makes smooth sweeps impossible. The “See-Saw” is the perfect blend of function, size, and style.

The Tuner:

How many of us have crammed a tuner on our board and thought, “I could use this space for something else...”?  The “See-Saw” cures this ailment and for the first time ever you have an "always-on" high quality tuner under your toes. Simply kick the heel down and tune without losing a beat. This tuner is designed from the ground up specifically for the “See-Saw.” It’s dead accurate, easy, and intuitive.

The Power:

The “See-Saw” runs on a standard 9v pedal power supply of 100ma.

The Pricing:

As fun as it would be to throw out what I think it will cost, I won’t. I have learned that pricing can sometimes change the release plans and I want to announce the right price at the right time. Manufacturing thousands of units has it’s swings in parts supply, assembly style and other variables that are a bit hard to accurately predict at this moment. We strive to deliver a product that is high quality, affordable, and made here in the USA... That I can guarantee.

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