Jetter Vibe



We managed to squeeze all the swirly, watery goodness of the original into the smallest box possible! Did we mention it works with a single 9V battery as well?

A REAL Vibe that will fit on your pedalboard!


  • True four-stage classic light driven circuit. Each stage is electrically matched.
  • Each unit individually calibrated for consistent performance.
  • Modern circuit interpretation that retains the critical aspects of the classic vibe.
  • High input impedance…it will not load down your guitar signal.
  • Unity gain output…no fooling around with a volume control.
  • Custom voicing circuit provides a sweet, liquid tone.
  • The smallest four-stage vibe that is pedalboard friendly.
  • True Bypass
  • Operates on any high quality 9V power supply such as the Boss PSA-120, Voodoo Lab Pedal Power, or the Visual Sound 1-Spot.
  • It will work with a 9V battery (not included) for up to one hour…it can get you through a set in a pinch.
  • Custom, USA, made steel enclosure with fully welded seams.
  • Hand built in the USA with the highest quality components…no SMD technology!
  • Pulsing status LED that indicates Intensity as well as Rate.

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