Jetter Red Shift OD



Can't decide if you want smooth and creamy or bold and aggressive? No problem at all with the Red Shift! A simple flip of the switch and you have a broad tonal palette available in a single pedal!

The Red Shift was the result of wanting to offer a significant improvement to an already impressive pedal, the Gain Stage Red.

We listened to what customers told us…they loved the Gain Stage Red and thought it would be a great idea to combine it with another Jetter Gear pedal into a dual unit. As great as that idea was, we already have the Jetdrive and the GS3. We felt that adding another dual pedal wouldn't be the most cost effective solution for the customer. What we did instead was the Red Shift.

It is the same size as the Gain Stage Red, it looks the same but, oh boy! What a difference! With the simple flip of the switch (Red/Shift) you now have the choice of the classic Red in all its glory or a more aggressive, decidedly British flavor. We took the essence of the Gain Stage Purple and incorporated it into the Red Shift.

Now, in a single pedal, you can have the liquid, gooey goodness of the Red and the fan-plexi-tastic grind and wood of the Purple.

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