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The Red Square was a pedal that I procrastinated in building for quite some time. I had received many requests to incorporate the Red Shift into a dual pedal. What finally got me to do it was a request from an guitarist that I admire and respect tremendously. When I told him my idea, he simply told that I need to “Get this pedal done! Now!”

The Red Square concept is simple: Combine a Red Shift and a Helium in an enclosure the size of the Jetdrive.

I have always felt that the Helium is a perfect stacking pedal and with the Red Shift, it is simply amazing. It is a seamless integration that just keeps providing tone, tone and more tone!

Although I prefer running the Helium after other ODs, I made sure that the Red Square provides you with the option of which side goes first electrically. There is an internal switch that configures this. The stacking order is not determined by simply switching the input signal! The Red Square allows you to configure the pedal order 100% from input to output!

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