Jetter Gold Shift OD


  • Volume
  • Gain
  • Tone
  • Gold Shift (toggle)



The Gold Shift is a result of so many people asking for the Gain Stage Gold after it was discontinued.

Not wanting to just bring it back in its original form, a new voicing was added that makes the Gold Shift an extremely versatile overdrive.

One thing that made the Gain Stage Gold standout was, as the gain is turned up, the pick attack becomes more percussive — almost like playing with a metal pick. This is carried through to the Gold Shift because in the “Gold” position, it is 100% identical to the original circuit. The “Shift” position is a creamier, “violin tone” at higher gain settings.

Overall, the Gold Shift covers a lot of territory; from aggressive higher gain to sultry, smokey blues.

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