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Jetter (2008)

Introducing the Gain Stage Purple™. The Gain Stage Purple is the perfect solution for players looking for a lot of gain, yet all the tube feel and "Big Amp" vibe of a real cranked amp. While the overall tonality of the Purple is decidedly in the four input plexi camp- It's got this chewy, "valve" overdrive that goes from Plexi territory into serious levels of gain and sustain. With a decent blackface Fender it gets that thick tubey Bogner overdrive sound and response, with a vintage Marshall high end. It turns a clean channel into a big, barking, punchy overdriven Marshall. For Blackface or Silverface Fenders, Bluesbreaker combos and all manner of Hiwatt/Orange derived British tube amps- THIS is the pedal you want.

Not to be confused with the Black (our other plexi-voiced pedal), the Purple reminds us of some of the best cranked 50 watt plexi tones we've ever heard. The Black is like a JTM-45 plexi with a strong boost quality and at higher gain settings it captures a nice JCM 800 vibe.

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