Jetter Gain Stage Green


Jetter (2010)

"More Gain" said the masses..."how about THIS" said Brad. Well HELL YEAH...there it is- All that chewy midrange, big, round fat TIGHT bottom, BAGS OF GAIN, super controllable- right at your fingertips.

Through a Blackface Bassman it's like a punch right in the face- big, FAST attack, girthy and round with a sledgehammer upper midrange that's never harsh. Those great pinch harmonics, that Randy Rhoads clarity, the flowing-from-your-fingertips sustain- it's ALL there.

This is no modded Tube Screamer clone- BELIEVE US! We've yet to hear any other pedal deliver this amount of pure tube amp tone AND ferocious levels of gain while staying extremely musical. At lower gain settings the Green delivers a gorgeous creamy lead tone and stays very articulate on chords - like all Jetter pedals....expect ONLY PROFESSIONAL level gear!

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