Jet City Amplification Buffered Line Driver



Jet City Amplification

Lets you switch between amps and give your guitar a boost all in one convenient pedal.

A partnership between Jet City Amplification and JHS Pedals helped develop this unique and powerful hybrid pedal. The JHS A/B Boost allows dual amp players to switch amps on the fly, with the added flexibility of an adjustable boost for cutting through the mix when needed. One simple foot tap and you've doubled the available voices in your 2-amp rig, thanks to a streamlined, 2-button, 1-knob footswitch.


  • One ¼” input
  • Two ¼” outputs
  • Boost Knob for adjusting the boost output level
  • A/B Switch for switching between A and B outputs
  • Boost Switch for engaging/disengaging the boost circuit
  • A/B and Boost LEDs for high visibility on the darkest stage
  • Aluminum and Steel Housing provides strength and durability for the gigging pro

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