Jet City Amplification Boost Overdrive



Jet City Amplification

A simple solution for getting just the right overdrive at just the right level.

This JHS Boost Overdrive Pedal is a collaboration between JSH Pedals and Jet City Amplification, and is an absolute dream box for single-channel amp players. Add just the right amount of gain to the front end of your amp with the adjustable Drive Knob and set your output level with the Volume Knob for solos and additional power tube break-up. Then, when it's time to rock, all you have to do is put your foot on the on/off switch and you've got the tone you want to own and click it again when you're ready to go back to your clean signal. Made of aluminum and steel housing, it'll easily surive the rigors of the road.


  • One ¼” input
  • One ¼” output
  • Drive Knob for adjusting the amount of overdrive applied to the signal
  • Volume Knob for adjusting the output volume
  • On/Off Switch engages/bypasses the pedal
  • On/Off LED for high visibility on the darkest stage
  • Aluminum and steel housing provide trength and durability for the gigging pro

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