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Introducing the Fuzzy Sunday fuzz stomp box.

This is based on the Sunda Fuzz Sound pedal made about 1967. Gary Sunda designed this pedal and a series of amps under his own name before moving on to Randall (VP), Fender, Dean (co-designed the Dime series amps and others) and Orange County Speaker. Only an estimated 50 Fuzz Sound pedals were produced, but I bought one of them, around ’68. It is long gone but I remember this was the only pedal I ever used, so when starting to build pedals I knew I had to find this. With help from the Effects Database I got a few gut shots to work off of, and drew up an approximation of the circuit and most of the values. Skipping ahead, I have talked with Gary Sunda who reviewed my schematic and confirmed my guess at the PNP 2N3906 transistors, and I have a green light to offer it here.

The pedal: True to the original, there is no AC adapter plug and no LED, both good. First, being positive ground you can’t daisy chain the power train. You can, but you’ll kill your power supply, so a battery is the safest bet. Second, this circuit pulls .6mA. Your typical LED pulls 20mA. This means with no LED, you put in a battery and fuggedabodit. Just unplug your cables when not using it.

I am very happy with the results. It has some of the brightness and sustain of a tone bender but without some of the noise. It has plenty of boost, and trails off nicely using the guitar volume. Where Fuzzo is more about OD, Sunday is all about fuzz. Both good, just different characteristics.

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