JerroStomp is Jerry Ernst, Chief Cook & Bottle Washer, and is located in Rochester New York, USA.

    Timeline (by Jerry Ernst)

    • January 2012: Started building kits and got pretty good at it. Moved on to breadboarding circuits and changing components to see how things worked.
    • February 2012: Discovered that store bought patch cables don't hold up to constant use, started building my own, then instrument cables; the first JerroStomps products.
    • June 2012: Got the 'Fuzzy Sunday' circuit working and improved it for better gain- the first pedal ready for market.
    • November 2012: Invited to participate in the Guitar Expo at the House of Guitars in Rochester, a pretty big deal. JS now being sold in 3 local shops.
    • January 2013: Started studying electronics seriously. From the Fuzzy Sunday came modifications resulting in the Hot Fudge and the flagship of the line: Fuzzo.

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