Jennings Electronic Developments



    Tom Jennings founded Jennings Musical Industries (JMI), of which Vox was a brand. In 1963 he needed money to grow the business, so he sold a majority shareholding to the Royston group, but was kept on to run JMI until late 1967.

    In 1968 he started up Jennings Electronic Developments, which became Jennings Electronic Industries (JEI). Dick Denney was also kicked out by Royston and went to work for Jennings. JEI lasted until about 1973.

    • Early verions have the switches in a lower position.

    • Some pedals are labeled "Rotosound", this was the name of the series (because of the rotating foot control), it doesn't refer to the brand.

    • There's a Fuzz with a (questionable?) "Vox" label and a Growler with a "Framus" label: samples for those brands?

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