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Panos Athanasiou (owner of a Variospectra)

This is a unique and rare vintage effect. It is a combination of chorus, phaser and tremolo in one unit. It has one potentiometer for volume at its back and 5 foot switches. The names on the switches are disorientating: The two switches at left are the on-off for phaser and chorus and the two on the right lets you choose fast-slow and chorus-tremolo. You can combine those switches in any way and that helps you create a very unique sound. Variospectra reminds me the sound of the chorus section of vintage Korg Synthesizers like the Trident or 3100 (and that is a great plus because those choruses are really fat and sought after). A final note: due to its simple design this effect is great for modifications too. And it has the space to add lots of extra controls if you want to. This is a big effect, it works only with its internal power supply, the battery on the picture its only for size comparison.

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