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Lucky Penny - Two Cascading Magic Gain Stages

The Luck Penny has two independent channels, The Tails side is low-gain. clean, transparent and simple with controls for Gain and Volume - you know the type. The Heads channel picks up where Tails left off - full bodied rich overdrive with controls for Gain, Volume, and Tone. On their own, each side is great at providing you with more of what you love about your tone already, but mix them together, and that's where the real magic happens. With both channels engaged, the Lucky penny soars through your amp with creamy decadence and authority. With the low gain side pushing the higher gain side a step further, you have a multi-stage, harmonically complex tone that feels like butter dripping off a hot biscuit. Mmmmm... creamy.

The LUCKY PENNY is two drive pedals in one - Each wonderful on their own, but combine them, and that’s where the magic happens. The Tails side is low gain and has controls for Gain and Volume. The Heads side is higher, thicker gain with controls for Gain, Tone, and Volume. Engage them both for sweet singing overdrive and try different combinations of settings to see how flexible the LUCKY PENNY can be! 

Of course this pedal is true-bypass and accepts battery power or a typical -9v power adapter. High-quality automotive gloss clear coat over a nice hand-painted exterior. The innards are hand wired and soldered with love. 

"I'm pretty picky but I used that damn thing on the whole record. I have some pretty expensive overdrive pedals but the Lucky Penny wins the prize for best one"
--Brooks Young (Brooks Young Band)

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