Jellyfish Electronics Gold Drive


Jellyfish Electronics

Gold Drive

Big Amp Distortion to Crush Your Enemies

Big amp distortion. The kind of distortion you might expect if your big amp was black and gold... Plugging this thing into a Fender Princeton turned it into a fire-breathing half stack monster. Try it out, but you have been warned! It has controls to control the Low-end thunder and the High-end scream, as well as the obligatory Gain and Volume controls.

The GOLD DRIVE is a big meaty distortion machine. Crisp tight distortion turns your tiny clean amp into a fire-breathing 

monster. Controls are pretty straight forward: Gain brings you from clean crunch to searing distortion. Bass and Treble control the Low and High-end content. The Volume knob brings the thunder with plenty of volume on tap. 

Of course this pedal is true-bypass and accepts battery power or a typical -9v power adapter. High-quality automotive gloss clear coat over a nice hand-painted exterior. The innards are hand wired and soldered with love.

"The Gold Drive’s tone is thick and fat but crisp and defined with awesome sustain and juicy British tone."
--The Super Special Secret Gear Show.

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