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Jellyfish Electronics

Blinding Voip!

Full-Bodied JFet Boost with Tone Control

Oh God, LOOK OUT! The Blinding VOIP is a boost pedal with a ludicrous amount of volume on tap. It will send a flying jump kick straight in to the heart of your amp. But wait! There's More! The VOIP has a responsive tone control to raise the beefy low end or the searing high end, plus a MIDS control to scoop or boost the middle frequencies. This flexibility makes the Blinding VOIP killer for solos or any section where you need to cut through the mix. 

The BLINDING VOIP! has controls for Volume, Tone, and Mids.

Use Volume to control your overall output. The VOIP! has tons of output on tap so feel free to pummel the front end of your poor unsuspecting tube amp with it. The Tone knob is exactly what you’d expect - Clockwise for more treble, Counter Clockwise for more bass. The Mids control dials in those meaty mid-range   frequencies to thicken up your wimpy single-coils or add the heft you need to cut through the mix. Enjoy!

The Blinding Voip uses a standard center-negative 9v adapter for power.

"What’s this? A great boost pedal with plenty of volume, plus a killer EQ section as well? Well, sign me up!"

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