JDM Pedals (Joe Doc Music) Elektrika - Germanium Fuzz-Tone


JDM Pedals (Joe Doc Music)

The JDM Pedals "Elektrika" Custom Germanium Fuzz Pedal

An improved, customized Tonebender Mk1/ Zonk Machine style Fuzz

Flexible tones, Top-notch build quality - Boutique quality at an affordable price.

The JDM Pedals "Elektrika" is our take on the legendary Tonebender Mk1. Made famous in the recordings of The Yardbirds, Mick Ronson (with David Bowie), and Led Zeppelin, this fuzz is the sound of legends

When you roll back your guitar's volume, the Elektrika (like the Mk1) cleans up in a unique way, giving you a warm, overdriven tone, and a biting edge when cranked to the hilt.

Our pedals are handmade in Berlin, Germany and each pedal is fine-tuned for optimal tone (transistor selection is key).

We have improved upon the original design by adding a passive tone control to help players find the proper tone on modern amps and guitars, which have an extended treble range when compared to the recordings of 40+ years ago!

The "Gate" control lets you dial in that unique "choppy" or "fizzy" sound that some vintage MK1 units had, or turn the gate up higher to increase sustain and smooth the tone.

Finally, we added a "tight/fat" switch to help control the low-end boominess that the Tonebender circuit can bring out on some guitar/speaker combinations.

All Germanium transistors keep this pedal true to vintage tone, and a modern +9vDC connection lets you daisy-chain the pedal with your other pedals without shorting anything out (this pedal does also include an internal 9v battery clip.)

If you've been dreaming of vintage Mk1 tones, look no further, this is the sound AND the flexibility you need.

The JDM Pedals "Elektrika" Features:
  • True bypass switching
  • Selected Germanium Transistors for incredible tone - high quality parts throughout.
  • Custom hand-finished Hammered Silver enclosure.
  • Fuzz, Volume, Tone, and Gate controls - plus the "Fat/Tight" switch gives you far more tones than the original Tonebender Mk1
  • Operates with standard +9vDC power supply / center negative (not included) or 9v battery (not included)

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