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The single channel pedal I have been building for years has a long run of great feedbacks. Now that it is converted to the NOS vintage components, it's something special for those who want the quirk and X factor of true vintage. Get yourself this single channel version, or get yourself the Limited run Dual Channel True Vintage Overdrive.

People search for a more than fantastic overdrive that doesn't negatively fool around with your tone, you have found one of those great overdrive pedals right here.

Components you choose make all the difference. Cheap 10c resistors and run of the mill electronics shop caps don't usually give anything special to tone, even though they still work OK. Even special fancy named parts are not usually the best for overdrives or distortion pedals, yet they are used often with limited tonal results.

The real McCoy vintage parts are very nice on the ears.

Come and try it for yourself. Bring other overdrives to compare, as finding the right tone for "your" ears is the name of the game. This may be for you, may not be, but 100% of people so far have thought so. See how it goes for you, if this isn't the pedal for you, i have a lot of experience, and may be able to point you in the right direction towards the tone you are after.

JD SCREAMER TRUE VINTAGE pedals have genuine NOS 1960s internal components along with authentic top of the line Muse caps, early NOS diodes and other select modern circuitry.

9vDC negative center adapter, not supplied.

A pedal that makes people come up to you and ask plenty of questions.

Cheaper than international sale prices because its local.

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