JD Analog The JD Distortion - True Vintage Distortion


JD Analog

This is a medium level gain genuine vintage germanium old school distortion pedal with a very unique fuzz circuit built into the unit, along with our amazing fuzz / distortion germanium voltage starvation circuit. It is simply a huge effort and amazing result on the tone within this pedal.

A real joy to play and very addictive tone.

Real time Randy Rhoads tone in a box! YEAH!

Built using 1950/60/70s Genuine NOS true vintage components, vintage IC, vintage carbon comps, vintage gold lead germanium diodes within the main aspect of the tone circuit board!

Be in quick before the NOS components run out, or end up on the waiting list.
  • NOS Components
  • True Bypass
  • Heavy Duty sockets, switches and enclosures
  • Bright LED's
  • Runs on 9volt negative center adapter (same as boss style)
  • Adapter not included

Built and tested into many different amps and guitar pickup combinations. The Ears don't lie! 100% of people who have tried this pedal in person has brought it - the tone "is" that good.

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