T. Jauernig Tiki Tongue - Dual True Vibrato


T. Jauernig Electronics

The Tiki Tongue is something different. It's two Magnatone type vibratos in one pedal, running in parallel. Each vibrato circuit has its own rate and depth controls. You can also set up two speeds and switch between the two with the tap of a footswitch. AND, it's mono or stereo. When the pedal is in mono operation, there is a blend control to mix the two vibe circuits. Wait, why would you need a mix control? Besides the two independent vibes being able to run at their own rate and depth, one of them is set up with a high-pass filter, the other with a low-pass filter. The mix control allows you to blend between the two, all high, all low, or anywhere in between. In stereo, each circuit has its own output. So, you could run two amps, and one would get the high signal, and the other would get the low signal. To top it all off, even in mono, the Tiki Tongue can be used as a splitter to send your signal to two amps.

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