T. Jauernig Kollmanation - Jeff Kollman Signature Drive/Boost


T. Jauernig Electronics

The "Kollmanation" Signature Jeff Kollman Dual Drive Pedal has arrived! Jeff and I worked on this pedal over a period of several months, with several prototypes to arrive at the pedal that will help Jeff achieve his KILLER tones through not only his favorite and trusty Marshalls, but anything that a backline company might have to throw at him.

The Left side is the more aggressive of the two drives. It's an all FET signal path, with no diode clipping or opamps. There's a gain boost and a low end boost toggle to boot. The Right side is the "boost" side. Based on a single opamp clipping stage, it makes a fine low gain drive all on its own. The boost side has a 3 position bass switch that allows you a choice of low end fat! And, to top it all off, you can change the order of the drives with the simple flip of a toggle switch. Use them independently, together, and in what ever order you like!

$229 including shipping.

Jeff Kollman

We give you Kollmanation!! Bigger, fatter, and meaner overdrive. Hand wired with the best components by Tim Jauernig- The tone guru who designed the Gristle King,the Luxury drive and more. Kollman states "We've been tweaking tones for months now and finally have captured an explosive tone that's sounds great in front of Fender, Marshall and vox type amps. And it's 2 rad pedals in box with the option of switching the order OR playing both pedals together.

T. Jauernig Electronics

The Kollmanation is designed in conjunction with guitarist Jeff Kollman. Jeff is known for his eclectic style that ranges from country tinges all the way to face melting shred, and usually all at the same time. All with a feel and tone that is unique and totally his own. Check him out with The Jeff Kollman Band, Cosmosquad, Chad Smith’s Bombastic Meatbats, and a host of other group and solo projects. You won’t be disappointed!

The Kollmanation was designed for Jeff to be able to capture a variety of the tones he often uses. The challenge was to be able to make it so that those tones could be had with a variety of amplifiers that are often encountered when one plays for a living, travels, and you never know what the backline company might throw at you. With that in mind, it was decided we need two voices.

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