T. Jauernig Amalgam - Smooth Overdrive


From mild to thick and creamy. The Amalgam is a bit different. Even though it's a pedal, "old school" is a bit of a key. By that I mean that you turn on the Amalgam and vary the gain from clean to mild, to thick and creamy all from the volume knob on your guitar. The Gain and Tone controls offer fine tuning to your rig. There is also a gain range toggle that allows you to choose between to distinct gain ranges. There's nothing harsh about the tones of this pedal. Smooooth singing tone is what the Amalgam is all about. There's only going to be 100 of these made in assorted colors.

The Amalgam is extremely smooth. But that's not to say it can't rock! From mild overdrive to mid level gain, it offers extremely smooth natural overdrive that reacts very well to your pick and your guitar volume knob.

$149 including shipping

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