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T. Jauernig electronics is a one man operation from Wausau, Wisconsin, USA.

Timeline (by Timothy Jauernig)

It really started early in 2004. After I made the first Luxury Drive for myself I was in Dave's Guitar Shop (at that time there was a second Wausau location) trying out an amp. Dave happened to be there. He asked if he could try the pedal he was hearing me use. He tried it and liked it. He asked me what it was. I told him I made it. He said I should go into business, and that it was as good or better than other pedals he had tried. I initially thought he was just being kind, so I jokingly asked "how many do you want?" He said "let's start with 10". From there I contacted a friend of mine from college, Greg Koch. I always like Gregs tone, and wanted his opinion. I sent him the Luxury Drive. He loved it, and said it was "butane" in a pedal. Greg asked me about overdrives. He said he was using one, but it died. So he asked me to build him one. That pedal Greg named the "DGTM", short for "Diabolical Gristle Tone Manipulator". Greg then wanted a combination pedal of the Luxury Drive and DGTM in one box to save some room on his pedalboard. That was the birth of the "Gristle King".

With Greg's help, over the next 2 years, the word began to spread about the pedals. The pedals were reviewed favorably in Vintage Guitar (Oct 2004), Guitar Player (July 2005), Tone Quest Report (2006), Guitar Player (2007). It just spread 100% by word of mouth. I have never purchased any advertising of any kind. I've been lucky that a lot of reputable players have used my pedals from time to time. That list includes: Greg Koch, Roscoe Beck, Billy Sheehan, Buddy Whittington, Steve Vai, Jeff Kolman, Robben Ford, Josh Smith, and a whole host of others. These guys and all the people who have bought the pedals are my advertising, and they spread the word in the best way possible.

In early 2007, I was contacted by Peavey Electronics to be the lead designer for their new Custom Shop amp division. In July 2007 I stopped taking pedal orders, concentrated on my 1 year backlog of orders, and moved to Mississippi to work for Peavey. Long story short on that: I loved the work I did at Peavey, and I think the amps I designed sound great to this day. But I left late in 2010 due to the fact that the mentality of the company was such that a "Custom Shop" will never survive there. Peavey wanted a piece of a market that they refused to understand.

At this same time, since T. Jauernig Electronics no longer existed, I entered a agreement with T-Rex. T-Rex was to license the Luxury Drive, Gristle King, and DGTM for a period of 5 years. All was well for the first year of that agreement. Due to some unfortunate circumstances with T-Rex, I chose to legally end that agreement.

In 2010 I was back in Wisconsin, and renewed my business sellers permit, and resumed production of my pedals.

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