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Jang's Toneworks

This pedal gives you very well-balanced drive tones with sharp picking responses.

This has no cables in it. All signal processing cables are embedded in the board. As you know, the cables are responsible for the tone loss and noise. So it produces more clear tones with low noise.

Drive range is wider than other overdrive pedals. So if you don't use extreme gain, this pedal gives you all the drive tones you need. Even in the max drive, the tone will not collapse! You will be satisfied with the gorgeous drive tone as well as its versatility.

  • Dimensions: 114*73*46mm (4.48*2.87*1.81inches)
  • Weight: 300G (0.66LBS) without battery
  • Power consumption: 9V DC (center negative tip), also works with a 9V battery (power adapter does NOT come together.)
  • Bypass type: True bypass

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