Janglebox J-Boost



The new JangleBox J-Boost: Incredible tone enhancement with a great surge of power   

The new JangleBox J-Boost is a terrific combination of power and refinement, and the perfect companion to any JangleBox compressor. As a stand-alone pedal, it will enhance your entire rig.

Special features include:

  • Unparalleled tone refinement. The J-Boost is a total EQ boost, not just a glorified volume knob.
  • Full tone flexibility. Use the J-Boost as a treble boost, bass boost or even a mid boost. Tweak your overall tone to perfection by eliminating low-end dullness or ice-picky highs.
  • Ultra clean output. Yes, the J-Boost can help drive your amp to the breaking point if you want, but the distortion-free circuit is designed to deliver pristine tone and clarity.
  • If you prefer low-Attack compression but find the output volume too low, the J-Boost fixes that by allowing you to lower your JangleBox Attack to just a hint of compression and still get a clear, booming output.
  • Combine the J-Boost with any JangleBox to create an unbelievable richness and depth of tone.

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