JangleBox JB-2 Compression/Sustainer - The Byrds 45th Anniversary Tribute




JangleBox's new, limited edition compressor pays homage to The Byrds, the groundbreaking ’60s band whose guitar player, Roger McGuinn, helped inspire the original JangleBox sound. A fantastic update, the new JB2 Byrds LE is the complete realization of the original JB2. It’s amazing how an additional tone control can blast an already great pedal into the stratosphere.

Coupled with the clean, striking graphics and all the great features of the original JB2 — true bypass, total tone flexibility (especially with the updated JangleBoost!), unsurpassed sustain, and the great JangleBox sound — this is the only true boost-and-tone, two-stage compressor on the market today.

Handmade in the USA, the JangleBox JB2 Byrds LE delivers the distinctive compression edge for demanding pros and aspiring artists alike, in the studio and on the stage.


  • True bypass
  • Fully adjustable EQ
  • Separate On/Off and JangleBoost switches
  • Adjustable J-Boost Gain
  • Adjustable J-Boost Tone
  • Adjustable circuit thumbwheel to fine-tune J-Boost Tone
  • Separately colored LED indicators for On/Off and JangleBoost operations

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