JangleBox LLC was founded and is operated by Steve Lasko in Reston, VA USA.

    Timeline (by Stephen Lasko)

    • 2001-2003: Casual development
    • January 2004: Hired professional assemblers, created a prototype, and built 200 units
    • October 2004: Launched original JangleBox
    • late October 2004: Roger McGuinn agrees to endorse the JangleBox
    • February 2006: JangleBox receives Guitar Player magazine's "Editor's Pick" award
    • March 2006: Began contemplating an improved JangleBox with added features
    • February 2007: Development begins on the JB2; MFG Manufacturing is hired as our new assembler
    • February 2008: Began looking into low-cost foreign manufacture because of the worsening economy
    • January 2009: Released the JB2 with added EQ and gain functions
    • October 2009: Released the JangleBox silver import: RoHS compliant, diode bridge, $50 cheaper than the original JangleBox
    • June 2010: Introduced the JB2 Byrds LE Tribute pedal at Summer NAMM
    • July 2010: Limited release of the JB2 Byrds LE

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