JAM Pedals


    JAM pedals are built and designed by Jannis Anastasakis Marinos in Athens, Greece.

    Timeline (by Jannis Anastassakis Marinos)

    • 2005: making my first pedals
    • 2006: making my own pedalboard used in my music. Starting selling pedals in Greece. Most of the greek famous guitars players choose my pedals for their pedalboards. 
    • 2007: taking part in my first exhibitions in Italy, Massimo Varini, the most famous guitarist in Italy orders me a custom multi-pedal. 
    • 2008: more famous guitar players started playing with my pedals in Italy and Greece. First dealers and distributors in Greece, Italy, Germany.
    • 2009: taking part in Frankfurt Messe. Many dealers and distributors get interested in my pedals. JAM pedals starting expanding all over the world. World-known guitar players playing with my pedals: John Abercrombie, Greg Koch, Jeff Berlin, Bernie Marsden...
    • 2010: my workplace moved from my house to a workshop. Hired one person for help, and more artists for the artwork of the pedals.
    • 2010: Frankfurt Messe (2nd time) - more dealers and distributors. JAM pedals are almost everywhere in the world
    • 2010: my pedals go to more famous guitar players' hands : Nels Cline, Los Lobos (Cesar Rosas, David Hidalgo), Anthony Jackson, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Jonny Lang, Robert Randolph...
    • 2010: London Guitar show - Guy Pratt orders a custom multi-pedal.
    • 2011: Orders are increasing rapidly - organizing the production.
    • 2012: plans to take part in NAMM 2012



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