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This is a handmade JaM FX overdrive pedal, JaM Drive jr. Made in Slovenia, EU.

Alpha pots, Schulz cables, Davies style knobs, True bypass, aluminium faceplate. Runs on standard center pin neg. 9v adapter, no battery.

It is based on j-fet mu-amp technology, sounding very similar to tube amp. It has a classic british character. You can get very marshall-like sounds from it, somewhere from 18W to plexi to JCM800 style.

  • Size - like standard boss/ibanez pedal (12 cm x 7 cm x 4 cm)
  • 4 controls - drive, tone, volume and body (controls lower mid scoop).
  • booooom switch for controling internal voltage - two modes:
    • 1: crunchy / boost
    • 2: hot, full on overdrive

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