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The TUBEBLOWER is an ultimate overdrive pedal featuring extended gain range as well as active bass and treble boosters. Preserving the original qualities of your guitar and amp, it still allows complete tonal flexibility that can be expected from tube-like based overdrive device.

From clean boost --with normal output pick-ups-- to raging valve-flavored tone, and of course classic overdrive, its two tonal boosters will escort you to your own personal overdrive heaven. No surprise, the TUBEBLOWER is the best selling pedal of my all line.

On the west side of overdrive

I have been trying to crack the coveted secret of perfect overdrive for years now, collecting every pedal bearing the magic name and its sister. Lots of these pedals have real qualities but it is obvious that the best remains at this day the vintage Ibanez ts808.

January 2002: One of my good music friend finds a fourth TS-808 for my collection. I nicknamed this pedal WEST. The moment I unpacked WEST, its sheer perfection struck my collector senses : this lady had everything. The right paint chips at the right places, the right wear of soulful gigs and, most of all, the righteous tone.

Going west for wider horizons

While there is no such thing as a shrink of frequency range when you push up a vintage JTM45 or a Tweed Deluxe, most overdrive pedals have nothing more to offer than a nice midrangey distortion tone for a raging tube amp impersonization.

If you except the legendary ts808 of course, which, preserving full frequency range while miming maxed tube amp reactions, has become the most valuable overdrive ever. Auditioning WEST with other overdrive contenders was just getting a new pair of ears, making once again this particular pedal champ of the champs.

The Goldminer wish list

Putting together all the numerous emails I have received these last 3 years about overdrives, here is the top ten wish list I have put up , and have become the exact definition of my TUBEBLOWER pedal:
  1. more gain
  2. morphing continuously from clean to more gain
  3. bass boost-which occurs naturally on pushing Marshall amps
  4. treble boost-which occurs naturally when pushing black face Fender amps
  5. normal price
  6. complete library of settings
  7. a full single coil AND humbuckers compatibility
  8. respect of the amp you plug in.
  9. respect of the guitar and of the dynamics of your playing
  10. and last but not least: a classic, serious, heavy look

OK corral Gainfight

I guess you know by now what I did. The whole TUBEBLOWER project was to get these ten points WITH THE TONE OF THE 'WEST' ts808. The TUBEBLOWER can go much CLEANER and distort much more than ts808. Does this sound too good to be true to your ears? I have evidence to proof it.

Slap that Bass!

This is another place where the TUBEBLOWER is gaining unanimity: Bassdom!!! Because the TB preserves full frequency range AND dynamics, bass players has made it their favorite for a punchier tone on stage. Up to now, no bassist who tried it could give it back to me. Serious.

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