Jacques Electric Sheep Overdrive



  • Handmade point-to-point by Jacques
  • All discrete circuit : no IC !
  • Selected european components.
  • Special '70s/'80s overdrive control

Jacques press release

JACQUES PEDALS introduces new ELECTRIC SHEEP Overdrive pedal

New discrete selected components circuit / 70’s to 80’s tone control

Marseille FRANCE – June 15, 2014 – The Electric Sheep is a handmade high-end 100% discrete circuitry booster/overdrive pedal

  • Selected all discrete components completely new circuit
  • Extra large circuit board to avoid parasite capacitance
  • '70/80' morphing control from correct era tube amp to classic overdrive pedal tone
  • Humbucker / Single-coil precise impedance input setting

Designed and built in France by Jacques , the Electric Sheep is shipping now. Suggested retail price is $350.00 with an average street price of $325.

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