Jacques Pedals is operated by Jacques Charbit and located in Marseille, France.

    There are 2 lines of products, both handmade: the "factory" pedals (Meistersinger,...) and the "handmade by Jacques" pedals (like the Black Mamba).

    Timeline (by Jacques Charbit)

    • The 1st time I sold a pedal, back in 1975. It was called Miranda after a beautiful hairdresser.
    • In 1999 I made the industrial turn which allowed my brand to a much wider market.
    • In 2002, the collaboration with the late and genius Chris Whitley was really a peak in my career. And of course meeting all the huge artists who love my pedals.
    • September 2011 is the 1st time one of my handmade pedals, the Black Mamba, is featured in Guitar Player.

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