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Jack Deville Electronics

The Treble Maker injects cutting, solid rock 'n roll tone straight into your amp the ol' fashioned way: pushing the pre-amp into total saturation. I make no qualms declaring this pedal to totally rock.

This is a simple, classic treble booster, and I'm proud to build them old-style, point-to-point on a terminal strip, just like they did in the 60's. I use AC187 NPN germanium transistors, Mallory 150 series coupling capacitors, and frighteningly clean lead-dress for tone and reliability that will carry you another 40 years.

I am now offering a Full-Range-Boost option, bringing even more use and versatility to the Treble Maker. The range-selection is controlled by a small switch mounted on the top face of the chassis. Use the buttons below to add the Full-Range-Boost option to your Treble Maker.

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