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The Vintage Tone Box is a hand wired Jack Deville Custom Shop piece.

The VTB combines the classic circuits of the Vox Tonebender/Arbiter Fuzz Face and Dallas Rangemaster optimized for maximum tone. It is essentially two pedals in one. You can run each side independently or together.

The right side of this fabulous box is a Rangemaster (Treble/full-range) Germanium boost, switchable via the little toggle switch. Up is full range, down is treble boost. The Left side is the Tonebender FuzzFace style circuit (some values trimmed for optimal tone and response). Far left knob is output, middle left knob is fuzz/attack. Far right knob is boost level.

  • Point to point wired on a turret board
  • Independent true-bypass switching with indicator LEDs.
  • Cloth-covered wire, Sprague-Atom electrolytic caps, Panasonic ECQ film coupling caps, carbon comp resistors.
  • AC127 germanium transistors in the fuzz, AC187 germanium transistor in the Rangemaster section.

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