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Jack Deville Electronics

The All Time High Boost Driver is a very simple and highly effective pre-amp designed to run on a wide variety of supply voltages and dual opamps. Simplicity, ease of use and clean design were the prime objectives that went into the design of the All Time High Boost Driver.

Use it as a buffer/effects-chain driver, powerful clean boost, or as a stand-alone overdriver to push your amp into saturation.

The All Time High Boost Driver has been tuned to match guitar and bass pickup impedences, and boasts a frequency response from 1.6hz to over 22khz.

With both controls at high noon, the All Time High Boost Driver offers +0db gain, 470k input impendence and 9.8k output impedence. Perfect for minimizing the signal loading and signal loss in a long effects chain.

With the Boost knob maxxed out, a wide range of output gain can be achieved based on pick-up strength/output and supply voltage.

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