Iskrem Electro Little Tree - Overdrive / Exciter


Iskrem Electro

The Little Tree adds texture and grain by overdriving mids & highs, leaving the bass area alone. A one-knobber to make a not-so-clean clean sound or to spice up a too clean amp. I originally designed it to be able to cope with the low-frequency content of my baritone guitar, so it does well on bass or darker sounding guitars as well. This is not done through parallel processing, but rather pre- and post-EQing of the signal.

Now, as the amount of drive is adjusted, the overall perceived sound level remains the same…!? Think of it as adding gain while gently rolling down the master volume of your amp at the same time to stay at the same volume level.

I wanted this pedal to be tiny and clean looking, so there is only one knob: the amount of texture. However, there are two adjustable controls on the side for volume and treble content, so you can adapt the pedal to your instrument, as the effect will vary with different instruments and different input levels. These are adjustable with a small screwdriver… Set and forget…

Little tree accepts the standard 9-volt pedal supplies (not included), center negative. It also has a non-destructive reverse voltage protection and true bypass while disengaged. No battery option.

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