Iskrem Electro Cat'O'Dyne


Iskrem Electro

Tube based overdrive pedal

It uses two ECC83 tubes at high voltage to recreate some of the most sought after classic overdrive tones from times long ago. It has a 6-way switch for selecting the bass response and treble EQ mode. Paired with the classic passive Baxandall bass/treble tone stack and a soft 2 frequency presence bump in the mids, there is plenty control for shaping the overdrive sound.

Another important ingredient in those old classic amps is the catodyne phase inverter and its quirks. When not overdriven, it’s very well balanced, but when you push it, good things happen! Well, good if you like "ugly" sounds… So, of course, this pedal has a catodyne phase inverter both to drive the negative-feedback based presence control and to produce those sweet grainy overtones.

Can be used as a normal pedal or, with its huge volume capabilities, into an FX return or power amp input. And it's true relay-switched bypass of course.

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