Iron Ether Xerograph - Lowpass Filter


Iron Ether

The Xerograph is a foot-sweepable 4-pole lowpass filter with resonance.


  • 2-pole/4-pole switch:
    • 2-pole mode is a brighter, more subtle filter with a wide resonance peak.
    • 4-pole mode offers a fat, deep, and synthy filter with a sharp resonance peak.
  • Frequency knob: When using the filter without an expression pedal, this control sets the cutoff frequency of the filter, allowing you to dial in deep, dubby bass sounds. When using an expression pedal with the Xerograph, the Frequency knob sets the low extent of the filter sweep.
  • Resonance knob: Boosts frequencies around the cutoff frequency, which intensifies the effect of the filter. Set the resonance low for more subtle tone-shaping, or turn it up to around 3-o'clock for wet synth sound. Turning it to maximum sends the filter into self-oscillation.
  • Volume knob: Allows the user to set the output volume of the effect, ranging from quieter than the bypassed signal, to boosted.
  • Frequency expression jack: Connecting a passive expression pedal to the expression jack allows you to control the frequency of the filter with your feet, allowing for slow, resonant sweeps, or fast, funky squelches.
  • Measures 4.7″ x 2.5″ (12cm x 6.3cm). Runs on industry-standard 9 volt DC center negative power supply. True bypass.

Tips for Use:

  • You'll need an expression pedal to get the most out of the Xerograph. We sell a custom one built on the Ernie Ball volume pedal. It's heavier-built and has a nicer sweep than others we tested. Our custom version incorporates a range knob to tailor the sweep. A cheaper option that works well is the Moog EP-2.
  • Using a fuzz before the Xerograph is highly recommended for the wettest synth-style filter sweeps.

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