Iron Ether Cygnet - Tap Tempo Tremolo


Iron Ether

The Cygnet is a versatile tap tempo tremolo with a 100% analog signal path.


  • Optical tremolo
  • Waveform knob: Selects the waveform used to modulate volume. Offers Up Ramp, Down Ramp, Square/Pulse, Triangle, Sine, Hypertriangle, Inverted Hypertriangle, and Random Step waves. The Waveform knob has a smooth feel and does not click between settings.
  • Multiplier knob: Multiplies your tapped tempo, allowing you to set faster rhythms than you can tap, or tap on the beat and set the multiplier for triplet rhythms. The Multiplier knob has a smooth feel and does not click between settings.
  • Speed knob: Sets the speed of tremming manually. Turning the Speed knob overrides the tapped tempo; tapping in a tempo overrides the speed knob.
  • Depth knob: Sets the intensity of the effect, from light wavering to full on/off.
  • Width: The Width knob changes each wave differently. It simultaneously changes the on-to-off ratio, and changes the “hardness” of each wave. This control allows you to morph from silky smooth trem sounds to hard “repeat percussion” sounds, and stuttering sonar blips.
  • Tap switch: Tap twice to set the speed. Tap once at any time to re-align the trem with the beat (if your drummer starts drifting, for example…)
  • Measures 4.7” x 3.7” (12cm x 9.3cm). Runs on industry-standard 9 volt DC center negative power supply. True bypass.

Custom options:

  • Expression jack for multiplier: This mod is highly recommended. It allows you to easily modify the rhythm of the tremolo while you play, seamlessly morphing the throb from doubletime to half-speed to triplet rhythms, all while staying in sync with the beat of the song. This expression control can be heard in most of the clips to the right. $15
  • Expression jack for speed: $15

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