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The Improbability Drive is a licensed reissue of one of Devi Ever's earliest and most ambitious circuits built to Infanem standards with greater tonal range and reliability.

As many of you know, I've lent my engineering skills to devi ever : fx on the side for the past few years. In that capacity, Devi asked me to trace two generations of Improbability Drives for her records and in preparation for an eventual reissue. When I played through the pedals, though, I decided to speed things up by licensing the circuits, merging them into a single pedal, and releasing it myself.

In the Effector 13 days, Devi's builds had the potential to change from batch to batch depending on parts availability and ambiguous build sheets. This resulted in the original big purple box (version 1) and later small yellow box (version 2) IDs having slightly different circuits. The differences were in the A and B switches along with two capacitors in the base circuit.

The Infanem Improbability Drive handles the differences using three way switches for A1/OFF/A2 and B1/OFF/B2 along with an additional V1/V2 toggle. This allows the user to access original V1 and V2 tones in addition to mixing values for new tones.

In addition to these functional upgrades, the pedal now has top mounted jacks and a build style deserving of the Infanem name. This yields increased reliability and a lower noise floor without compromising the essential tone of the ID circuits.

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