IndyGuitarist Plexi-Drive British Overdrive


IndyGuitarist (2006-2007)

Our new Plexi-Drive is our all-time best seller. It absolutely *NAILS* that "JTM45" tone like none other. Built as a cross between a "Marshall 18" and a JTM45, this pedal was designed to sound and react eerily similar to the famed Marshall Amp. Includes a switch that enables it to sound great with either clean sparkly amps (like Fender twins, Vox, etc.) to darker beefier amps (like Vintage Marshalls, Mesa Boogies, etc)

This pedal has a bright on/off switch, 3 knobs (volume, tone, gain). Completely true bypass, of course, and includes a 9v "boss style" power jack as well as a battery connection.

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