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Indyguitarist (2005)

This is the overdrive I've personally been waiting for... AMAZINGLY crunchy, warm, smooth and buttery or rough and Aggressive!! I've been developing ideas for this overdrive for quite a while -- and I've FINALLY found my own personal ideal overdrive. It has two overdrive circuits in one pedal, and when both are on at the same time (depending on the pedal's settings) an aggressive distortion screams at you. OR - Keep on overdrive on at your rhythm volume, and use the other as a lead boost OR gain boost! Want crunch? Not a problem -- turn up the tone knob a hair -- it WILL NOT get brittle, but it will crunch like you wouldn't believe!

No mid hump here -- not a tubescreamer! This pedal is Very transparent -- in fact, the first weekend I built this pedal I played a gig and didn't even use the distortion channel on my amp (Peavey Classic 50) -- the pedal sounded better!! The other guitarist in my band was blown away with how responsive and dynamic it was.

This pedal has 6(!) knobs -- a volume, tone, and gain for each circuit. It is completely true bypass, of course, and includes a 9v "boss style" power jack, but no battery jack as it uses a special opamp that would drain a battery fairly quickly.

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